Solar Panels



As a comparison, the price of grid electricity for domestic customers averages £0.15/kwh whilst from panels it averages £0.11/kwh*

We can also install batteries if required to increase the amount of electricity used by your property from the panels. We can also install a device to use excess electricity to heat your hot water via the immersion heater. 

We are providing online quotes for domestic customers for free during lockdown so we do not need to visit your house until the installation is booked to go ahead. We will use Google Earth to measure your roof and ask some questions about your current electricity usage. 

Rooftop solar panels can provide cheaper electricity than the grid partly because the cost of panels continues to come down quickly and partly as there are no grid transport costs added to the electricity generated on-site.



For commercial customers with a 4-10kw system the savings are even more than with domestic as grid costs average £0.13/kwh and from solar panels it averages £0.08/kwh*

If you are a commercial customer and concerned about installation costs, there is a grant potentially available from for up to 40%/£10,000. Alternatively for large systems, upfront cost can be reduce to zero and payed back over the lifetime of the panels using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Contact us to discuss possible options and get a quote.