What is Zero Carbon?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

In December 2015, 195 countries agreed to keep average global temperatures well below 2° of warming and aim for less than 1.5° warming. This means halving CO2 emissions by 2030 and reducing to net zero by 2050 globally. However this needs to be much faster in developed economies that emit more now and historically than less developed economies. That's why 2030 is the date by which climate leading cities, companies and some countries have already committed to emit zero carbon.

Zero carbon means removing emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and other global warming gases (often referred to as CO2 equivalent or CO2e or carbon for short) from every aspect of our homes, businesses and economies. Net zero means that for any CO2e still emitted, a mechanism is in place to remove the equivalent amount from the atmosphere with natural or industrial carbon sequestration methods.

To that into perspective the pace of the reversal of change this requires, human emissions have been trending up every year since the industrial revolution. Now they need to be reduced by 10% each year to be halved by 2030. The graph below shows the historical emissions globally up until 2020 and the dramatic reduction required going forward.

Data: IPCC

The good news is that we have the solutions. Solar energy is now cheaper than new coal everywhere. Installing solar domestically or for businesses, will save you money. The price of solar, batteries and electric vehicles are reducing rapidly and will also give us clean air.

During COVID-19 societies have realised how they can reduce travel and consume less, these will be important lessons as we transform our businesses and organisations to be more sustainable.

So where to start? First is to understand how much you are emitting now. This is what our carbon footprint service is for, only then can the journey to zero carbon start.

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If you are interested in installing solar, calculating your carbon footprint or developing a sustainability action plan, please get in touch.

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