Footprint - ReGlow Home Office

ReGlow Footprint.JPG

ReGlow is run from my home office, this is based on bills from 2019. It is a relatively modern (built in 2009) well insulated house with a Ground Source Heat Pump for hot water and heating. One bedroom has a far infrared heater as it only used occasionally so it is only heated when necessary. It has no solar panels on the roof (yet!) but the electricity is supplied on a 100% renewable energy contract with a provider that invests in new renewable energy without using offsets. 

It has a very small amount of gas used for the cooking hob, the energy supplier also provides green gas.

Therefore it has a small energy usage vs. a typical small house as the quantity of gas used to get the equivalent heat from GSHP is much higher. The carbon footprint is also lower as the CO2 density of electricity is lower than gas. The footprint could be lowered even further by generating electric onsite with solar panels.