Footprint - Country Cottage built 1905 with Solar


This large, old family home in Wiltshire is over 100 years old and made with walls of cob and lime. The owners were keen to have solar installed but a number of improvements were made to the fabric of the building which have had just as important an impact on reducing the energy usage and emissions. These included replacing an old gas boiler with an A rated condensing boiler, putting insulation in the loft and some floors and replacing some of the old double glazing.  

The solar system is 4 kwp on east and west facing roofs with solar edge optimizer's to help with shadow from the chimney. It was installed in 2012 so they continue to have the benefit of FIT payments. 


A log burner was installed in the main living space which allows the gas central heating to be turned down significantly in winter months. The owners were careful to choose the most efficient available at the time and went for a Burley Fireball - Honeywell 9105 which claims 0.1% CO2 flue emissions. The impact on the gas usage can clearly be seen after it was installed in September 2015. The boiler was replaced at the same time so all the months - including summer - have a reduced gas usage of about 20%, in addition to the winter reductions due to the log burner. The logs are sourced from a local sustainable supply, the flue emissions are estimated at a maximum of 45kgCo2e although are difficult to quantify. It is certainly less than from the gas it displaces though.