Time to Act


​The UK government has committed to net zero carbon by 2050 and many councils and companies have followed suit. Putting an action plan together and finding solutions to deliver this can be daunting - this is where ReGlow can help.

There are 10 common areas of focus: ​

  1. Switching to 100% renewable energy contracts or installing renewable energy on-site (solar, batteries, wind).

  2. Improving efficiency of existing buildings with insulation, draught reductions and thermal imaging. ​

  3. PassivHaus standard for new buildings. 

  4. Decarbonising heating.
  5. Choosing electric for new vehicles​ - 60% cheaper to run then diesel or petrol. 

  6. Making supply chains more sustainable​.

  7. Reduce water usage - grey water systems, reuse during manufacturing processes.

  8. Divesting pensions - sell investments with fossil fuel companies and buy clean energy and sustainable funds. 

  9. No-till, no-dig and permaculture food production - no artificial fertiliser, improved soil structure and mycorrhizal fungi, sequestration of CO2 in the ground. 

  10. Increasing tree coverage, just as important in the UK as other parts of the world.